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Who are theKnights Of Chain?

With the Metaverse growing by the day and as more creators, artists and developers join the space, the vast ever expanding NFT Realm needed protection and thus the Knights of the Chain were born. 9,999 completely unique hand drawn generative knights with each of them needing a warrior like yourself to come forth and defend the realm!

We believe in quality over quantity so we have made sure to bring forth the most aesthetically pleasing artwork this community has ever seen.

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    Hand Drawn
    Generative Traits

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    Our Story

    In a world where NFTs are taking the world by storm and as the metaverse continues to grow by the day, we needed a central hub for the general population to be able to actively get involved in the projects they want to support and of course come out on top.

    Thus came to be, which is a launchpad for NFT creators and an all in one destination for NFT collectors.

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    Owning a knight from the Knights of Chain will essentially allow you to become a defender of the NFT Realm. You will be participating in all the key decisions for NFT Realm going forward which include what projects we allow on the platform and which NFT tools we should develop and much more. Every tool we make will be FREE for all Knights of Chain holders. Also, any project that we do allow will have to give the knights as in you a certain amount of pre-sale access or exclusive giveaways which basically means just by holding a knight you will continue to thrive in the metaverse.

    It’s about time the voices of the people were heard and together we will make sure of it. #ForTheRealm



  • 1. Declare War

    Are you ready to join the revolution that will change the NFT space forever? We are declaring war on the big corporations and any creators that care about themselves and not the people. Our goal is to bring the power back to the people and it all starts with our knights so we made sure we don’t compromise anything when it comes to quality and aesthetics. We will continue to develop the knights in the coming weeks and you can join the KOC discord right now and start participating in this war with your invaluable input. We will announce the launch date in the coming weeks as well after we have taken everyone's feedback into consideration.

  • 2. Develop

    Although we will do a soft launch shortly after every knight gets a soul, we will continue development to make sure we create a space that is no short of perfect and provide each of our knights with the ultimate arsenal of tools to dominate the NFT space.

  • 3. Create Alliances

    We believe in creating alliances as we want our community to get nothing but the best. We will have a complete team whose job will be to find and secure the most profitable and lucrative alliances for the Knights of Chain community. Expect the unexpected as every alliance we make will be made with one thing in mind and that is how it will benefit the community.

  • 4. Expand the Order

    Once our community gets their OG knights and we get the NFT Realm under way, we want to continue expanding the order of the knights by bringing forth female knights as every knight deserves a companion, weapons to arm them for fights which will include legendary swords, axes, war hammers etc and lastly rides like horses, dragons, rhinos, camels and so on. Holders of Knights of Chain will have a portion of these items airdropped to them.

  • 5. The Future of KOC X NFT Realm

    The future is what you make of it and that is exactly what it will be. Although we have outlined our vision for the future of the Knights Of Chain, we will be actively listening to our community to take this project in a direction that will be best for everyone. TOGETHER, we can make a difference!

The Team

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    The Celestial Knight Founder/CEO

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    The Dragon Of The East Co-founder/CTO

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    High Priestess of Dreams CAO/Artist

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    The Voice Of The Voiceless Community Manager

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    Master of Alliances Biz Dev & Communications

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    Goddess Of Expansion Senior Marketing Executive


The war has started. It’s now or never!

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